A New Adventure!

I have decided to bring back this blog in order to tell the tale of my new adventures in business! As many of you know, I published my first in a series of memoirs on February 2, 2016. It is doing as well as I had hoped if not better and I am ready for the next adventure to begin. For those of you wondering, yes there most definitely will be a sequel, but I am still hungry to do more! I never in a million years thought this day would come. I dreamed for years about writing a book and fantasied about the day it would become reality.

The manifestation of this seemingly unreachable dream has given me the courage to reach for the stars. If what was once thought to be impossible has become possible, then what else can I achieve? The sky is the limit now 🙂

One of my dreams is to be in a place financially where I have several sources of income to keep me not just afloat, but living the lifestyle I have always dreamed of. Nothing luxurious, just the ability to work on my art, travel and spend quality time with my family in friends. I think that is probably most people’s dream really.

When I first began this blog, I was on a journey of not just success in business, but success in personal development and freedom. Well it has been a long journey, but i have managed to reconnect with myself and gained the confidence and security that was once so lacking in my life. With this new lease on life and a better me it is time to find my success in business once and for all!

In the next few weeks, I will take you along on my journey exploring a new business opportunity that I am extremely excited about getting started with. I am not looking to solicit customers. It’s just that I value everyone’s feedback and if this ends up being the financially fulfilling en devour that I believe it will be I want you all to know first hand how it happened.

I went out in search of a somewhat passive source of income to supplement the money coming in from the book and my full time accounting job. I wasn’t interested in sales and most of what I found at first was exactly that. I had sold Party Lite back in the day and even had a few Lia Sophia parties. Sure I have tons of awesome candle stuff and my jewelry collection is great, but the extra money that was always promised never really panned out.

I am not a fan of the “tupperware” party, pyramid scheme business plans that run so rampid  all over the internet. I was interested in a business model where everyone benefits. Kind of like Ebates where you receive discounts and rewards on all your purchases, just by signing up (for free). Amazon Prime is similar. Although it is not free, the benefits of subscribing for a small yearly fee ($99.00 if I remember correctly) is beyond worth it. If I am going to shop there anyway, why shouldn’t I reward myself for doing it?

For example, every year for Christmas, I do most of my shopping online. Either through Amazon or another online store. Most of those stores participate in Ebates. So, if I am going to shop there anyway, why wouldn’t I go through their portal to get an additional discount or cash back? Seems silly to not to. It isn’t really a substantial source of income, but it is an added savings on top of your regular purchases.

I have also explored surveys and research websites and I have made a few dollars doing that. The only problem is that although you may get a free sample in exchange for your $.75 credit, you are usually responsible for the shipping charges and have to remember to cancel the product by a certain day. This can get a bit mucky as you may imagine.

I also looked into another “business opportunity” last summer that promised me the world, but the products they were selling were not something I could really stand behind. I will not promote any product I do not feel completely confident in or one I have any reservations about myself. I wanted to find a company with the same ideals as myself who were associated with products that I would feel confident in promoting.

I believe I have finally found the company I have been searching for. In the days to come, I will discuss with you my journey in the sampling of these products. Not because I wish you to purchase them, but rather because I am interested in the opinions and experiences of my loyal readers. Should my experiences spark your interest, that is great and I am happy pass along the tools to get you started, but again I am not sharing this with you solely for that purpose.

If I find a product I am particularly fond of in the process, I am happy pay forward some free samples. So if something appeals to you, please let me know.

I am very interested to hear your feedback and to share the inside scoop with all of you!

Stay tuned! I will be posting my first product review this weekend 🙂


Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


With the summer solstice coming up this weekend, this week for me has been all about closure!

I believe that being open and honest with the people we hold dear to our hearts is the most important action we possess. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and I would hate to leave this world with words unsaid. Therefore I find it essential that those around me know just how I feel about them. Whether it be a simple reminder to my best friend that I love her or coming clean to someone about feelings you’ve had cooped up inside, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the satisfaction you feel knowing that you have said all that you needed to say.

Whether these feelings are reciprocated is irrelevant. I can rest easy knowing that when I lay my head down at night, I have left nothing unsaid. It can be a little too much for some people, but that’s on them. I would rather put it all on the table, than to look back and hold regrets for the words I couldn’t find the courage to speak. I am no coward!

Life is all about taking risks and I think it is better to have taken a risk and face rejection that to spend the rest of our lives wondering if things would have been different had we only spoken our mind.

Don’t be afraid of the possibility of reaching a dead-end.

Instead, think of it as a fork in the road. It’s life’s way of telling you that you need to take a different path, a better path, your destined path.

Be courageous in the face of uncertainty, using the actions of others as your compass rather than your validation.