Moving Right Along!

As some of you may know, I recently moved to Denver to pursue my writing. Upon my arrival, I started a new blog entitled: Success in the City! The purpose of which was to provide motivation for anyone struggling with a drastic life change or embarking on a path to reconnect with themselves. Originally I wanted to keep that journey separate from the writing of Insane Roots, but I realize now that it is impossible to have one without the other.

Therefore, I will no longer be posting updates to Success in the City. Instead, I will be channeling all my energy in keeping up to date with Insane Roots and Random Thoughts from Insane Roots (my poetry blog).

Thank you all for your support on this blog and the others. I look forward to having more time to connect with all of you and I am excited to read all of the wonderful pieces you have to share!

Re-assessing Motivation

This weekend there were several moments when I could feel the funkiness approaching and I had to do my best to avoid the fumes of self ridicule that were seeping in to my happy little world. I had great expectations for this weekend and I barely put a dent in the mounting creativity that I have had to put on the shelf throughout my busy week. I could hear it calling to me each evening and early Saturday morning, but sadly all motivation was lost. I tried giving myself a kick-start by formulating a weekend ‘to do’ list (In case you didn’t know, I love lists!). No joy. Instead, the list had the opposite effect. It served as more of a reminder of all the projects that had escaped me throughout the week and I began to feel overwhelmed.

On Sunday, I tried to push through the dark clouds of laziness and forced myself to work on my photo organizing project. I figured that it was a good place to start, since it didn’t require much brain power to edit and organize my ever-growing collection of photography. I am planning to launch a line of greeting cards displaying my photo images on Esty in the next month or so and all I basically needed to do was organize my portfolio in to various sets (i.e. locations, dates, etc.). Once this is done, I will need to put in a bulk order and work on the listings.  My hope was to have this all completed by the end of the weekend. After about an hour, I stepped away from the computer and decided to take a break and get some reading done.

I am reading the 2nd book in the Day by Day Armageddon series; Beyond Exhile by J.L. Bourne. It’s great!  So, I curled up with my cat and escaped in to the fantasy world of Bourne’s modern-day apocalypse for a few hours until I began to daydream as I read the pages and realized that I was no longer following the story, but further procrastinating the completion of my photo task. I put my book down and went back to editing and organizing.

I managed to finish editing all of the photos from my trip to Guatemala and Belize. To give you an idea of how long I have been putting this off, this trip was in December of 2012. As I was working on organizing my portfolio in to categories, I came up with an idea of starting a feature on this blog to showcase my photos and gather input from my readers. As I mentioned earlier, I am interested in launching a line of greeting cards, but I am not sure which photos will be the most popular. Without this information, I would hate to put a printing order in for photos that are not of interest to anyone and/or end up selling out of the popular photos too soon. I am thinking of making it a weekly post and I have not yet decided as to whether I should have it on a set day or just ensure that it is done weekly. I am not a fan of limitation, so I will most likely just stick with any day of the week as long as it is done weekly. I look forward to getting your input, before delving too far in to the launch!

Having said that, I have been doing some thinking this morning about what fueled my very unmotivated weekend. I am beginning to fall back in to the uneventful 9-5 and I find myself coming home without the motivation to do anything, which means I put it all off until the weekend. Hence, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by all the tasks I have before me. Looking back, I can see that I am again on the same path as before when I began to drift away from my dreams and float further in the direction of non-fulfillment. I cannot let this happen again!

When I first moved to Denver, I took several months off from working to reconnect with myself and finish my manuscript. I thought long and hard about what I would do when the time came for me to start working again and decided that the best thing for me to do would be to work with a staffing agency to fill my schedule with temp jobs, rather than full-time employment. I am a very hard worker, I am dedicated and loyal. These are great qualities, but partnered with my inability to put my needs before those of my employer, this usually results in my life becoming my work. This would be wonderful, if I was doing what I really wanted to do, but I am currently at the cross-roads on my career path and unfortunately I am not yet “qualified” to do what I love yet. My dream (as I have mentioned many times before) would be to make a living writing, editing, or selling antiques and photography. I received my cloak of legitimacy from the University of Washington, but unfortunately there are not many opportunities in these fields for someone with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and very little experience otherwise.

My book will be out soon, but I don’t expect it’s release to secure my financial future. Although, it may help to get my foot in the door in the writing field (fingers crossed). However, in the meantime I will still need to remind myself of the financial and emotional struggles I may face if I do not continue to endure the punching of the clock. It is important to not lose sight of this and it is equally important to remain motivated during the limited free time that I have. My current temporary stint has ended up being twice as long as planned and although the money is nice, I can feel it taking an emotional toll on my psyche. I guess the positive to all of this is that I am now able to recognize what is happening and therefore have a better chance of over coming the obstacles that lie ahead. I just need to keep moving. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I just need to keep my head up and my eyes peeled forward.

I believe in a higher power and I know there is so much more in store for me, I just have to be patient and have faith. This is sometimes easier said than done, but it is a challenge I am anxious to overcome. Patience is not one of my strongest qualities and I strongly believe it is worth the time required to embrace it. I just need to stay focused!

I welcome anyone’s advice and as always thank you for reading!!

The Fear of Success

I received my final manuscript back from my editor this weekend! The only thing left for me to do would be to make some minor changes and send it to the publisher. I had the whole weekend to do a task that would literally take less than an hour and could possibly change my life. So why didn’t I do it?

I spent the entire weekend thinking about doing it and I even sat down at the computer with the file open and every intention on completing it, but instead I made plans to immerse myself in a slew of lovely distractions. I reasoned with myself that I should enjoy the 1st warm weekend in months and get myself out of the house. After all, I could always do it on Sunday night.

So, I spent Saturday exploring the city and at night, I avoided my computer like the plague. Deciding to reorganize my room, explore raw food recipes and daydream about where my life would be after the book is published.

On Sunday, the temperatures were estimated to hit 80 degrees. I decided it was a perfect day to check out the Zoo. One of my other passions (that I have set aside for many years) is photography. When I lived in Seattle, it was rare to see me without a camera in my hands. My friend Krista (a very talented photographer) and I would go on adventures around the city, pretending to be tourists and spend the whole day trying to capture that one beautiful shot! One of our favorite places to do this was the zoo, so I figured what was a better way to reconnect myself with this pastime than to do just that. Only this time, I would spend the day at the Denver Zoo rather than the Seattle Zoo.

I woke up bright and early yesterday, grabbed my gear and jumped on the bus! I made it to the zoo entrance just as it was opening. I was surrounded by families and groups of excited children struggling with their parents to put sunscreen on before they entered the zoo. Something I should  have done myself, but did not.

I explored the grounds until around two in the afternoon, when my roommate called and asked if I was still interested in running those errands we talked about the day before. Great, another distraction! I made my way to the exit, ordering a frappuccino on the way out, and started the 18 minute walk to the bus stop. The bus arrived within minutes, which was great considering I had not joined in the ritual of putting sun screen on like the other families did before entering the zoo and I was starting to feel the burn!

My roommate reminded me yesterday that we are in the Mile High City, hence closer to the sun…I think I will be sure to make use of the sunscreen next time!

Anyway, we ran our errands and didn’t get back to the apartment until after 7:30 PM. I decided that it was too late to start on the manuscript and besides, the Walking Dead was on and that is pretty much my favorite show, what better reason did I need to push the publishing venture off on to another day?!

As the day drew to an end and I lay in my room (now neatly organized as the result of a weekend’s worth of procrastination) waiting for sleep, I began to try to rationalized my behavior. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. I was aware at an early age that this may be an unreachable goal, but I never gave up. I took the advice of my mentors and pursued a “more promising” education in psychology and I even went as far as earning the degree, but I never put the fantasy of someday publishing my very own book out of my mind. Now that this has become reality, why was it so hard for me to move forward?

The most obvious reason, is that by publishing a memoir (if one does so honestly as I have), I am really putting myself out there. In the pages of this book, I recount the events of my early childhood and there are many stories and feelings in this book that I have not even openly discussed with many of the people in my life. So there is that, but I still can not see this as the only source of my procrastination.

I know I hold a certain amount of anxiety about the criticism that I may face from those who are not pleased with the book and the fact that my mother has no idea the book is coming out, but I have readied myself for that, so again that can not be it…

On the way in to work this morning I asked myself very bluntly, “What is your problem? Your lifelong dream is right in front of you and you’re ignoring it. Come on Tiffany, get with the picture here!”

As I write to you now, I think I have finally figured it out. I am not procrastinating due to the fear of failure, but rather the fear of success. I am not afraid of nobody buying the book or someone buying it and hating it. I am terrified of everyone buying the book and loving it. Sounds silly right?

I am a simple person, living a very simple life. I have never had riches (quite the opposite actually). I have never known success and the idea of it scares me. I have been told that if the book is a hit, I may be asked to do radio interviews and local television…What?! I have social anxiety just going out on the town by myself, let alone being the center of attention of hundreds of people…Yikes!

But is this outcome not the desired one? My dream is to inspire and my hope is that this memoir (and the resulting memoir series if it takes off) will do just that. It seems very silly to be afraid of something you truly desire. Truth be told, regardless of my fear of it, I want success. I want to be able to share my message and inspiration with others. Therefore, I have made a promise to myself that tonight the procrastination is over. When I return home, I will not allow myself to do anything until I send in the final submission of the manuscript. This is a time to celebrate, not hesitate.

Besides, there is a chance that success will not find me after the book hits the shelves and will I not then find myself disappointed? Of ‘Course I will. However not as disappointed as I would be in myself if I didn’t bother to try. I must overcome this self-doubt and rise to the occasion. I have been given an amazing opportunity and I will not procrastinate it away!!

May you all be inspired today to take a step forward even when you find  that you are pushing yourself behind!

Thanks for reading!

Blogging 101: Reevaluating Who I am and Why I’m Here

As many of you know, this is not my first blog. I have been blogging on WordPress for about a year. The first blog I started was Insaneroots and it was more of a brainstorming technique in preparation for a memoir I was working on and an outlet of expression from the emotional turmoil in my life. My goal at that time was to take a step towards sharing my story and my writing to the world. I never in a million years thought that it would become the gateway to getting published, but here I am one year later with a manuscript in the works and a signed publishing contract! It has been my dream to publish my memoir and a goal I honestly never expected to achieve. Although it will be fantastic if I end up selling a ton of copies, I will be satisfied enough simply to see it on the shelves. It is amazing how one small achievement can change your entire perspective on life!

To give you an idea of how I began blogging, here is an excerpt from my original post to this blog:

“I had been living in Madison, Wisconsin, fairly content, but feeling there was something more out there for me. I didn’t know what that was, but I knew I needed to figure it out before it was too late. I was working for a family owned company, making good money. I was surrounded by friends and family that I hold very dear to my heart, but I still felt lost. Maybe not lost as much as disappointed. There were many nights when I would come home from work (or drinks after work) to my one bedroom apartment (and my cats) and think to myself…what now? I wasn’t satisfied. I tried picking up my various hobbies, such as painting, scrap-booking, and photography, but I never felt inspired to continue any of the projects I started. I had taken great joy in these outlets before, so why not now? What had changed?

I pulled out one of my many scrapbooks from years past and as I flipped through it, I realized what had changed…I did. As I looked through the collections of memories, I barely recognized this version of me and my life in the pages. I used to have such a love for life. I was determined, optimistic, creative, ambitious, healthy…all things I no longer attributed to myself. An overwhelming sadness came over me and for a moment, I just sat there staring off in to space, trying to figure out how all this had happened and what I could do to fix it. Something needed to change.

I went on this way for months; feeling defeated and overwhelmed by the notion of needing to reconnect with myself, but having no idea of how to do that. I resorted to a method of expression I had used in my early adulthood to cope with these emotional barriers; writing. Off and on through out my life, I had been working on a memoir recounting my life growing up with a con-artist for a mother and an unidentified father. Many had told me that my story was interesting and inspiring, so I decided to start trying to piece it all together.

I did not realize it then, but the sheer act of writing the blog was exactly what I needed to do to get the ball rolling in finding that “something more” I was looking for. Writing the blog forced me to revisit some of the most challenging struggles in my early childhood and most importantly to work through the emotions surrounding these events. I wrote several of the posts through tears, but after I was finished, I felt better. It was like a therapy session for me each time I logged in. I guess I did end up using that Psychology degree after all…on myself!”

And thus began my blogging ritual!

Now, with the book deal in the works, I had to find something else to blog about and I didn’t have much inspiration until I decided to make a drastic life change and move half way across the country. When I could no longer diminish the urge to write, I started this blog; Success in the City Blog!

Unfortunately, I have had trouble coming up with things to post about (Hence my current exploration in to Blogging 101)!

When I was posting to Insaneroots, it was easy because I was pulling stories from my childhood (which seemed to be endless), but now I had to make a drastic switch in my mental preparedness in order to begin each new post.

I didn’t want this to just be another online journal, but rather an expression of the struggles many of us experience when making a drastic change in their life. Whether it be a career change, a long distance move or in my case both, these types of changes in one’s life call for great reevaluation of oneself. My goals for this year are to reconnect with myself, learn to love myself and most importantly learn to stand up for myself! My hope is that I may give others strength to do the same through the expression of my own personal journey.

If I have learned anything over the past few years it is that if you believe in yourself, the rest will follow!

Happy Writing!

How do you Measure Success?

Everyone measures their success differently. How do you measure your success? Are you someone who thrives for success in money or are you someone who measures your success through the value of the relationships in your life? Better yet, maybe it is a combination of both?

For me, the definition of success is rather confounded. I know from experience that money does not equal happiness, but I have to admit that the comfort which accompanies financial stability is in essence priceless. However, no matter how much money one has, if you have no one to share it with it, it is (to me) virtually worthless. I have experienced an array of different financial situations throughout my life and I believe this rings true for each of them. From dumpster diving to elaborate vacations, it was always the people around me who made it all worthwhile.

The older I get, the more I find myself redefining what I feel my goals are for achieving true success. The answer to this question seems to be of increasing concern as my time on earth begins to lessen. When I was in my twenties, I measured my success on more of a monetary level. I thought that if I was able to land a job that allowed me to pay my bills with money left over that I would consider myself to be successful. What I learned was that I may have technically achieved success as I had defined it, but I was not happy and shouldn’t happiness be included in the definition of success?

Now in my thirties, I have decided it is time to re-evaluate my goals and formulate a new plan for achieving true success. First things first, let’s talk money! I would still agree that financial stability is a very important piece of the puzzle, but landing just any job won’t cut it. The focus is no longer on finding any job that allows me to save money, but rather making money doing what I love! This is much more difficult to do, but the reward that comes from it would be life changing, so I believe it is well worth the effort. Besides, if I reach the end of my life without reaching this goal I will at least know that I tried and there is a certain amount of comfort in that.

Moving on, as I mentioned earlier, I have found that no matter how much money one has, if you have no one to share it with it, it is (to me) virtually worthless. Before I moved to Colorado, I had a job that I excelled at, enough money to pay my bills and a group of friends that anyone would be lucky to have. From a distance, it would seem that I had everything anyone could ever want. One would have probably labeled me successful.

Maybe to some this is success. Don’t get me wrong I was very thankful to be in the situation that I was, but if I am being honest, the months before I left were some of the most somber moments of my adult life. Why you ask? Because for me the definition of success is not measured in money, it is measured in love. Not just the love you share with your significant other, but the love you have for yourself. At that time in my life I had neither.

In the years prior, I had grown very close to someone whom I considered to be one of my truest friends.  From our first moment together, we just clicked. As our friendship progressed, I began to have stronger feelings for him. He was unavailable, so I tucked these feelings deep down inside and pretended they didn’t exist. With each passing year we grew closer and closer until we were spending more time together than not. Partly because we worked alongside one another, but we hung out when we were not working pretty much all the time. The talk around the office for a while was that we were seeing each other. He and I would just laugh it off together as if it were the most ridiculous idea in the world. Little did he know that I made a conscious effort daily not to think of this “ridiculous” idea.

One night at a house party I stepped outside to have a smoke and as I sat there I began to think about the dilemma I was having. There was no way I was going to pursue an unavailable man, but I couldn’t help the way I felt. I couldn’t just stop being friends with him…or could I? As I saw it, I had two choices: Keep the friendship and silently suffer? or End the friendship and try to move on?

It was at that moment when he walked outside and found me sobbing quietly on the stoop. As he started reprimanding me for having a cigarette, he notice the tears rolling down my face and sat down next to me, “What’s wrong?” he asked in a comforting voice.

His inquiry only made it worse, but I knew this was it, it was now or never!

I replied with the only word I could muster, “you”.

A mutual silence followed as we both sat there staring at each other. I could tell in that moment there was no need to explain; he knew.

Breaking the silence, I said “I’m sorry…I didn’t plan to feel this way, but ever since…”

He interrupted me, “That night…I know. If I wasn’t with…” he paused. “it’s just really bad timing.”

The sadness in his voice partnered with the connection I felt to him in this moment was all the convincing I needed not to walk away. Subconsciously, it may have been the tiny glimmer of hope that it would all work out or the comfort in knowing might feel the same way. Whatever it was, it caused me to make the wrong decision. Had I known then what I know now I would have walked away long before this conversation ever occurred.

As the years loomed on, we continued much as we had. Only now there was a giant elephant in the room that no one talked about. It didn’t affect our friendship. If anything we grew closer. Innocently, I thought this was due to the “connection” we had, but I later found out that I was just being played.

I am ashamed to admit that because of my feelings for him, I allowed him to manipulate me in to acting in a way that I am not proud of. In trying to be someone I was not, I lost myself. I was oblivious to the reality of our relationship and the harsh truth that I was being used. I was a fool. When the final stab in the back came, it was truly heartbreaking. Turns out it was all a lie. He tossed our friendship aside as if it had meant nothing to him. I meant nothing to him. I was completely blindsided. I had always known there was a very good chance that we would never end up together, but I would have never thought he was being dishonest about how much he valued our friendship. At that point, I had already made the decision to move to Colorado and this event only reaffirmed that it was time to move on.

I share this story with you because it has great significance in my personal redefinition of success. Somewhere along the way I let my love for someone get in the way of loving myself. I fell prey to false hope and it left me discouraged and lost. There is no way to find your true path if you can’t begin to find yourself. As I do with every hardship in my life, I have found a silver lining to this heartbreak. It has made me aware that I still have some healing to do before I am ready to love someone else. Somewhere inside this insecure mind is a strong willful woman begging to be free. I need to learn to love myself before I will ever be able to truly love another. Therefore I am closed for remodeling as I like to say…new and improved me coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

Where I was When I Decided to Change my Life and What I’m Doing Now

In my first post, “Finding Myself” I explained how I came about the decision to change my circumstance and begin my journey to fulfillment. I have since then explored a variety of creative avenues and believe I am finally on the right path!

After I signed the publishing contract for Insane Roots and stopped posting in that blog, I was still yearning for a writing outlet,  so I started a new blog on WordPress: Random Thoughts from Insane Roots. For months I lacked the courage to post anything. When I was posting in my book blog, I had more confidence because I knew that the subject matter was interesting so I didn’t worry so much about whether it would be received well or not. With the new blog, it was all on me and I had no idea where to start. I found myself with a severe case of writers block!

Until recently…that is!

I decided to start typing up my poetry and rants from all of my random notebooks from many years past and I stumbled across some real gems. After some minor editing, I made my 1st post, then my 2nd and I was working on my 3rd when I found a folder of writing from the last few months I was in Wisconsin. The difference in the tone of the writing was drastic and sadly very dark. Feeling the way I do now and reading something I wrote while I was feeling defeated and lost was surprisingly uplifting. To know this place and to remember this place is never to revisit this place.

The response to these posts were not out of this world, but I did immediately begin receiving likes and I already have a few followers. This in itself was extremely inspiring.  Now I had a creative outlet for my poetry and random ideas, in addition to my personal journey blog that you are reading now. I can officially say that I believe that I am addicted to blogging! I have overcome my fear of ridicule (at least where my writing is concerned) and with any luck this confidence will spill over in to my everyday attitude as well.

Despite my positive outlook and cherry disposition, I am unfortunately one of those people who spends way too much time worrying about the opinions of others. So much that it has begun to affect my self-confidence a great deal. For example, if I am walking down the street and catch someone staring at me or see them look me up and down, I immediately assume the negative. I start analyzing my entire appearance trying to determine what they found to be wrong with me. It’s sad really.

To counter act this, I  have been making a conscious effort to remind myself in these moments that the person in question may just be admiring my skirt, think my hair is pretty or they may even find me attractive?! Why set myself up to fail? It’s much better to assume the best and besides, who cares if your wrong. If you have confidence in yourself then even if that person was thinking mean thoughts about you, it wouldn’t matter because your positive outlook will over-power their negativity!

I’m not saying that this always works for me, but I’m trying my best.

I am still working on that list of joys I compiled (see my post : Blast from the Past) to continue my journey in finding my true self. One of the items on that list is my health. I am not extremely over weight or anything, but I definitely have a few pounds that I could do without. The weight is not the biggest issue with my health and it is not like I live an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, rather it’s the fact that I know I can do better. During the time I refer to in the post, a time when I was the closest I have ever been to my true self, I was extremely healthy. For the majority of the time I lived in Seattle, I was either Vegetarian, Vegan or (for most of the time) raw vegan. I am not saying that I would like to completely give up meat again, but I would like to cut back drastically. I went from only eating raw food for close to five years to a steady diet of meat, beer and cheese for the last seven years. Needless to say, my body is in a much different condition than it was seven years ago and I can’t blame it all on my age (although that has not been helpful).

The point is that I am old enough to know better and old enough to care! So, I have decided to delve back in to the raw food diet. today is my first day and so far so good. Luckily I started my new temp job today, so I am less tempted to eat junk food than I would have been hanging around the house all day. My roommate and I are doing a 28 day raw boot camp to help us get back on a healthy track and help cleanse our body from toxins. After the 28 days are over, I will return to eating cooked foods, but I hope to maintain at least a 50-75% raw diet. Most likely, I will eat raw throughout the day and end the day with a partially cooked dinner and a salad. I will keep you posted on my progress.

It is hard to believe that just a few months ago I was in one of the lowest points in my life. The transformation in me that is beginning to take place (mind, body & soul) gives me strength to continue on my path of self-discovery and the further validation of myself.

Today is a good day!

The Momentum Continues…

I ended my last post feeling inspired and optimistic that I was on the right path. On Saturday, armed with my list of “joys” I decided it was time to get organized. At times it feels like I have so many ideas rolling around in my head that I become overwhelmed and end up not following through with any of it. I refused to let that happen this time around.

I am a visual person, so I thought it would be best to find a way to display my goals for the day, week and month in order to keep me on task. To do this, I found one of my old bulletin boards and divided it into three sections with the headings: Today, This Week, & This Month.

The plan: Each night before bed, I would make tomorrow’s ‘To do’ list and pin it up next to the more permanent Weekly and Monthly lists. The daily list would help to keep me on task and as the week and month progressed, I would be able to see my accomplishments by the increasing number of items I was able to cross off of each list. If all goes well the rest of the month will prove to be a very productive.

To help create the weekly and monthly ‘to do” lists, I decided that I should first create a master to do list. Realistically I can not expect to complete every project I have in my head in the next three weeks. This also gave me a place to jot down new projects/items as they popped in to my head. Currently I will just grab a scratch sheet of paper and jot down the idea or put a memo in my phone, but I just end up with random ideas everywhere that never amount to anything. This would allow me to keep all of those ideas in one central location. In addition to the master to do list, I also created a Craft Project list. This will allow me to keep my creative ideas in one place as well. After creating both lists, put them on a clip board and hung them next to the bulletin board. I was ready to go!

In my new quest for change, I have been researching different career paths centered around my interests. I have found several promising avenues, but I have not taken action towards any of them. With my new system in place, I decided that this was the week to get started!

Obviously, my ultimate passion is writing and in my research I have found three websites in the realm of freelance writing: Elance, Freelancer, & Hubpages. I have yet to delve in to Elance or Freelancer yet, but I did set up a new Hub on Hubpages; Changing Career Paths in your 30’s

In my hub, I discussed several of the online income sources that I have been trying out; Inbox Dollars, Panda Research, Mindspay and the application Gigwalk. From everything that I have read about HubPages, they have a pretty strict screening process, so I was thrilled to find out that they not only approved my first Hub, but they actually featured it in their topic pages and made it available to search engines. My next goal is to make Editor’s choice, wouldn’t that be exciting!!

Feeling good about my new writing outlets, I was off to explore something a little more crafty; jewelry making! In my twenties, I spent many hours making hemp jewelry, but seeing as this was not really the “thing” anymore I decided to try my skills at wire wrapping and bead stringing instead. I purchased a small amount of supplies; wire, pliers, a few new beads ( I already had a bunch from my hemp days) and earring cards. I used the stamp I purchased a while ago for my photography prints and stamped the back of several of the cards to get me started.

Rochelle Studios Stamp - Earring Card Back Rochelle Studios Stamp - Earring Card

After a few hours, I made a total of two sets of earrings. This was a lot more difficult that I had originally thought. Practice makes perfect though and I will keep on trying, but for now I decided to put it down and work on something else. It’s not like I don’t have a long list of crafting projects to choose from! If I end up creating something beautiful in the future, I will be sure and let you know.

The next project on my list is a glass photo key chain. I will report on my progress in my next post. I’m feeling a bit more confident about this one.

That’s all for now, have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Thanks for reading!